November 13, 2019 Brand Buddys

Bold Predictions for Social Media for the Year 2020

For making predictions, we need to consider few things like emerging platforms, secured patents, new tactics and demographic shifts.

Here are the four big predictions on the future of Social Media in 2020.

Prediction No. 1: Instagram removes Likes officially

Instagram has tested the removal of likes in several countries and you know what the headlines would read? Doing this in the spirit of mental health.

Mental Health is just a PR Spin and the real reason is that Instagram wants to make more and more money by getting a cut of influencer AD dollars……Surprised!!

Prediction No. 2: Google Incorporates Social into Search

While G+ retired, what’s next for Google regarding Social?

We predict google gives up on creating new social network and openly incorporated existing social networks in to their search algorithm.  In 2020 we will see the Social Index personalizing on search engine result pages.

Google was granted patent 9632972 which outlines the process of identifying an influential  user in social community. The patent describes how an influencer score would be determined for a particular topic and their reach.

Prediction No.3: Expansion of niche Social Platforms

Internationally accessibility to Internet is growing rapidly. This will lead to popup of more localized social networks.

User generated content would get in to search. Content from social sites like Reddit, Quora, Stack Exchange and Twitter will appear in Google Search results. Appearing in search results gives brands, marketers and users incentive to participate more in these niche sites as they would have greater visibility.

Prediction No.4: Social Scheduling / Marketing Tools to go AI

Built-in Artificial Intelligence would help make marketers job easy by recommending specific platforms and groups for sharing content. For example, a piece of content about entertainment options in Hyderabad may suggest sharing in the Hyderabad Subreddit.

Any more surprises for 2020?

The reduction of organic social reach for businesses to increase AD revenue for publicly traded social media companies.

What next for social? What are the actions of Facebook and Google telling us? What trends are social media users setting?

We do not know their predictions but 2020 will be an interesting year to see Social Media evolving and taking a new shape.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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